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For most football supporters, pitchside cameras or front row seats are the closest they ever get to the action.

But former Brazil internatioanl Roberto Carlos has now given fans a whole new insight into how it feels to play in one of the world's greatest stadiums.

With a staggering P16 billion in uncollected real property taxes, Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada on Wednesday issued an ultimatum to 89,000 delinquent property owners in the city to settle their tax dues or lose their properties in due time.

Estrada gave the delinquent taxpayers until June to pay up, or else the city government, in accordance with the law, will be constrained to auction off their properties to recover the unpaid taxes.

“I’m appealing to the property owners to please settle your tax obligations,” Estrada said.

“Otherwise, we will be compelled to conduct public auctions where you will definitely lost ownership of your properties.” Estrada pointed out the money to be collected from RPT payments will mean so much to the city government in funding socioeconomic programs for the poor, and improving the delivery of basic services to every Manileño.

1, 2014, but Estrada said it is no longer necessary because of the improved financial status of the city government.Just like the saga’s deliberate protagonist, Greengrass' editing is quick, brutal and efficient, while his sound and cinematography create the feeling of a dynamic, dangerous existence in a hostile world full of unknown threats."A spectre is haunting contemporary cinema: the shaky shot."So writes David Bordwell, in connection with the growing controversy over the hyperkinetic filming and editing style of such movies as “The Bourne Ultimatum.” This is a spectre that will not go away.” Bordwell tells me he knows the post is accurate, because a former student of his was an eyewitness.The “shaky-cam” issue is one on which I have been too slow to react.

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