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Being adult baby aware is very different from being abdl friendly.For instance, there are many diaper outlets that claim to be adult baby aware but not friendly is dedicated to UK escorts and UK escort agencies or compamies that are Adult baby friendly.

I could hear Wayne getting spanked in the other room and thought how glad I was that it wasn't me. Then his mother came in and grabbed me by the arm and said that it was my turn.

A Go T and Harry Potter fan ^^ I had an account here before. I am straight and I like all ages and sizes ;) Interested in meetups if close b...

Old enough to know better but young enough to do it anyway.

This was really embarrassing for me because I had a crush on Donna, and now she was changing my wet diapers.

She unfastened my diaper and wiped me clean with a wash cloth. Then she turned me back over and asked if I liked wearing diapers.

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